This acrylic painting on unstretched canvas is comprised of two pieces of 54 x 72 canvas abutted in an overall dimension of approximately 6’x9’.

This whimsical, flight of the imagination offers a fantastical underwater scene at an ocean bed psychic reader’s shop and tea room. Visible through the beaded curtain is the adjoining living quarters. The psychic has a “live one” in the gullible customer who is taking the bait of the conjured tale she dangles before his gaping eyes. Evident in the crystal ball is the psychic’s real perception of her client as a clownish fool.

Some of the creatures depicted are composite part human/part animal beings further bending the logic of this incredible world. The open book alludes to the narrative structure, the beginning of the tale (i.e. “boar walks into an underwater psychic’s shop…”). The narrator’s wife incessantly yammers on, spinning the never-ending storyline, “Anyhoo….”